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Bowling Ball Spinning Stands - Special Edition Colors

Bowling Ball Spinning Stands - Special Edition Colors

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Bowling Ball Spinning Stands

Durable. Compact. Functional.

Made by bowlers, for bowlers.

These Special Edition Colors feature a matte finish to them!

Spinner Features:

High Quality Steel Bearings. Smooth and quiet, able to hold 50+ pounds.

Form fitted rubber bottom to keep the spinner in place.

Durable and compact frame. Easy for transportation, tested for long

Professionally 3D Printed. We specifically design and make our spinners for durability and longevity. We put our spinners through multiple stress tests to ensure their durability.
9 Different Special Edition Color Options. Color Selected will be represented by the picture it changes to. There may be slight color variations, giving you a unique spinner!
Our Spinning Stands make a great tool to help with bowling ball cleaning and surface prep. We make these with bowlers in mind, as we are bowlers ourselves. 

Color Selection: Color selected will match what is represented in the picture it changes to. If you have questions at any time, please send us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or email. We can accommodate you!

We believe proper ball care is important. Cleaning a bowling ball and removing oil from the coverstock is a great way to maintain the predictability of what the ball will do down lane. Clean your balls!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Works great! Makes it super easy to clean the ball.


Works great! Makes it super easy to clean the ball.


Great product. Love it

Joe Cho
Pick up atleast 2 or 3 of these RIGHT NOW!!! You won’t regret it!

TLDR: These spinning ball holders are way better quality and at a lower price point than any of their big name brand competitors while still being stylish and portable. The guys who run DH Lab are really responsive and very good to their customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them! Not only are they useful, but they’re freaking beautiful and fun to have in your bag!

Long Version: Most people would look at these and think “these look cool, but I probably don’t need one”. Well… these people couldn’t be more wrong. The guys at DH lab advertise these as a tool to help with the cleaning process of your bowling balls. Although this is absolutely true, there’s so many other uses for them.

These are conversation starters. I’ve been approached more than a dozen times when I bowl in leagues and asked about these and made new bowling friends. They also keep your spare ball off the machine for those of you who bowl on 3-4 person teams and the balls are just piling up on the returns. I also like to put them on the tables and stand there with my fingers in the ball to get that muscle memory going right before it’s my turn. It’s super easy cus your ball can turn smoothly without constantly putting weight on your wrist. And lastly, for all you fidget spinner enthusiasts, you can flip them upside down and they spin really fast like a top or spin the metal balls while you’re waiting.

As for quality, these are incredible. I’ve owned a few other big brand name versions of spinning ball holders. Not only are most of them double the price of these, but they’re also made from really cheap material and ridiculously flimsy. They’re usually pretty huge also. These triangle ones are small enough to fit in any bowling bag or backpack.

I’ve been in contact with Justin from DH Lab for a while now. He’s very responsive and really goes out of his way to make me feel valued as a customer. I ordered my very first spinning holder a few months ago and loved it so much that I kept going back for bulk orders for my friends, teammates, and just fellow bowlers during league. The massive strides that him and his partner have made in quality over such a short period of time are praiseworthy. The feeling of the material, the bottom rubber parts to keep them stable, all the beautiful new colors, even the ball bearings spin way more!

Bottom line is… you need this. The obvious reason is for cleaning your balls. I used to just put the ball on my lap and basically get cleaner all over my shirt and pants and sometimes even in my mouth. Also, don’t be that scumbag that gets ball cleaner all over the couches so that the casuals coming in unknowingly sit on something wet. As much as we all hate when a huge party with kids get sat on a lane next to us… we should all look to nurture this love of bowling for everyone. They help keep the lights on at the centers so we can keep bowling as well.

Ps. Another huge reason to grab these in bulk is to get everyone else to take their damn spare balls off the ball return! If you’re sick of people jamming the machine with 3-4 balls each, these holders will give them incentive to stop being an ass and actually move their extra balls off! Message them for bulk rates! I’m slowly getting all my league bowlers to buy these and it’s actually starting to clear up the ball return machine traffic!!


Terrific product and good service