DH Lab Bowling Bowling Ball Spinners and Accessories

We at DH Lab are avid bowlers. We make Bowling Ball Spinning Stands to help you work on any bowling ball. Do all your cleaning and surface prep with our Ball Spinners.

Ball maintenance is important, we make the job a little easier.

Email us, contact@dhlab3d.com or message us on Facebook/IG for any questions.

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Made by Bowlers, for bowlers.

We are a one stop shop for all ball maintenance!

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  • Free spinning motion to help work on all areas of the ball.

20+ Colors Options to choose from.

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  • Clean Your Balls!

    Cleaning the coverstock of any bowling ball after bowling is important. Maintaining your bowling balls will help with its predictabily on the lanes.

  • Bowling Ball Spinner

    Our Bowling Ball Spinners are designed to help with cleaning, sanding, and any bowling ball maintenance.

  • Bowling Ball Cup

    Our cups are designed to perfectly cup the ball. 20 Colors to choose from!