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We at DH Lab are proud to be a small business in the bowling community. We are Avid Bowlers, and along the way realized we needed a better tool to help us with cleaning & sanding our bowling balls. This gave us the idea to create our DH Lab Bowling Ball Spinners.

We make all of our products through the power of 3D printing. With multiple tests and trials we have desiged a bowling ball spinner that is functional, durable, and compact. We strive to make the best product we can for all the bowlers!

We believe that proper bowling ball care is essential to maintaining consistent ball reaction on the lanes giving you the advantage you are looking for. We are here to make the job easier for you!

Also now included on our website are additional bowling products, DH Lab Shammies, Brunswick Sanding Pads, and Ball Cleaner!

We are available on all social media channels to talk at any time! Feel free to message us or email us at contact@dhlab3d.com for any questions or inquiries.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our site!

- Justin & Brian

Bowling Ball Spinners, Cups, and Accessories.

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